Conjunction Between Sentences

Conjunction Between Sentences
Conjunctions between sentences are words that connect one sentence to another sentence. In its use, conjunctions between sentences state different meanings, including: therefore, before that, however, however, except, except for that, after that, in addition, on the contrary. Conjunction between sentences at the beginning of a sentence (after a period, an exclamation point, or a question mark). Following is an example of interalimatic conjunction.

Conjunction Function
Conjunction function connects:

Word by word.
Phrases with phrases.
Clause with clause.
Sentence by sentence.
Paragraphs with pragraphs (conjunctions between paragraphs are called transitions)
The Adjectives "and"
These conjunctions to express "ordinary combination" are used in the following sections:
Between two verbs

They eat and drink in class
Mother washed and ironed our clothes
Between two clauses (sentence parts) in a compound sentence / area

I want the piano and my sister to play the violin
Ali studied English and his brother studied Arabic

Adjectives "with"
It functions as an "ordinary joint" statement, it can also be used between two objects. Example:
He and his son have arrived
I cut with scissors.
The conjunctions "as well"
This functions as an "ordinary combination" statement used between two nouns. Example:
Brother and grandmother will come next week
Your money and my money should we put it together for venture capital.
"Or" conjunctions
This word functions as a statement "choose" can be used between the following sections.
Two nouns or noun phrases Example:
An engineering degree or a literary degree is equally important in development.

Two verbs Example:
In war like that there are no other thoughts, kill or be killed.
Two adjectives that have opposite meanings. Example:
Rich or poor before God makes no difference

The Adjective "but"
This word functions as a statement "combining contradictions" used between the following sections.
Two adjectives that are contrasted in a sentence. Example:
The child is smart but lazy
He is stupid but diligent
Two clauses whose subject points to a common identity while the predicate are two contrasting adjectives. Example:
The house is big and beautiful, but the yard is narrow
That child is stupid, but his heart is honest

Adjectives "however"
This word has the function of "combining contrast" used between two sentences. The first or previous sentence contains a union and the second sentence contains a statement that contrasts with the first sentence. Example:
Since we were small, we raised our care, we educated, and we educated them. However, after he became a big man he forgot us.
After Lebaran, many offices are still quiet. The employees just sit around, chat, or read the newspaper. However, they remained in place until office hours.

Adjectives "while"
This word functions to "combine contrast or contrast" used between two clauses. Example:
The father became a doctor at the puskesmas, while his mother became a midwife.
We worked hard to fix the broken embankment, while the two of them just sat on their hands.

The conjunction "opposite"
This word is opposite to the function of stating "combining opposites expressly" can be used between two clauses or between two sentences. Example:

In front of us he is indeed friendly. Conversely, far from us arrogant not playing.
The river mouth is wide and shallow. Conversely, in the upper reaches of the river it is narrow and deep.
The Adjective "even"
This word functions "connect strengthen" can be used between two sentences. Example:
That child is really naughty. Even his mother had cheated him.
He is very good at holding secrets. Even we ourselves don't know.
Connecting words "after all"
For example: Let's just eat at this restaurant, the food is delicious, the price is cheap, and the service is satisfying.
Connecting words "what else"
This word has the function of saying "to strengthen strengthen" used at the beginning of additional information or additional sentences. Example:
You don't even know about high school graduates, especially since I only graduated from elementary school
Roads in the capital are often jammed. Especially during rush hour.
The connecting word "even then"
This word functions to "combine strengthen" can be used between two sentences whose mandate is in line. The first sentence is generally preceded by words with conjunctions only.
Example: Only five people attended the meeting. Even then, two of them will leave the meeting before it is finished.
The connecting word "never mind”