Definition of Westernization and Western Definition

Definition of Westernization and Western Definition
Westernization, as well as oxidization or Europeanization, is a process where people are under the influence or adoption of Western culture in various fields such as industry, politics, law, technology, life force, eating style, language, clothing, philosophy, language, religion, and values the other.

What are the symptoms of westernization?
Western definition
"West" was originally defined as the Western world. Ancient Rome distinguishes between Oriental (Asian or Eastern) cultures which are now distinguished in Egypt and Occidental cultures in the West. A thousand years later, the East-West Schism separates your Catholic Church from the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Western Civilization is usually said to be yaiyu: Main States (Canada and U.S.) Europe (European Union, EFTA Countries, Micro European countries), New Iceland and Australia.
The meaning is often extended, and can include these countries, or a combination of these countries.
European Countries Outside the EU and EFTA
Mainly due to their membership in the Council of Europe, European Regional Policy, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and other organizations, these countries are Western definitions. They also spread the main European culture towards EU countries.

Latin America
Only a few in Latin America are considered to be Western countries, mostly because most of the population is of European descent (Spanish and Portuguese settlers and then immigration from other European countries). As well as the community they operate in the way of high Westernization. Most countries in Latin America use Spanish or the language of protection as their official language. According to the CIA, there are also immigrants in Latin America from other European countries besides Portugal and Spain, (for example, from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, etc. See Immigration to Argentina, Immigration to Chile or Immigration to Brazil.).

Although geographically only 3% of Turkey is in Europe, Turkey has a similar economic system, has a customs union with the European Union in addition to being an official candidate for membership, as well as members of Western-style organizations such as the OECD, NATO and the European Council. The country is often a member of organizations for European cultural and sports events such as UEFA and the Eurovision Singing Contest.

Although Israel is geographically located in the Middle East south of Lebanon, Israel has a variety of Jewish immigrants from Western countries such as Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Germany. This country is a member of the OECD. The country is often a member of organizations for European cultural and sporting events such as UEFA and the Eurovision Singing Contest.

Although geographically geographically Lebanon is in the northern Middle East region of Israel, Lebanon has at least 40% of Christians who are strongly socially influenced and cultured from Western countries (mainly France which has historical links at the beginning of the Salin state in the Tripoli Region founded by Raymond IV of Toulouse who occupied as large as Lebanon at this time, the French heritage of Lebanese society is knowledge of French).

Japan and South Korea
Although Japan and South Korea are geographically present in East Asia, they have a democratic form of government, a free market economic system, high standards of living and major contributions to Western science and technology, and are interpreted as "hibdra," "semi-Western" countries. modern and growing.

south Africa
Because of the very high influence of European culture in places like South Africa.

Examples of leaders who carry out Westernization
Emperor Meiji
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
Peter the Great
Emperor Gojong
Sun Yat-sen
Emperor Guangxu
Mikhail Gorbachev
Deng Xiaoping
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
Reza Shah Pahlav