Paragraph Requirements

Paragraph Requirements
A good paragraph is a paragraph that can convey thoughts well to the reader. The terms of the paragraph must have the following conditions:

1. Unity
What is meant by unity is that a paragraph must be built with a clear mind. One thought is described in the form of main thoughts and several clear thoughts. The relationship of one mind to another thought indicates that the paragraph already has unity

2. Integrity (Coherence)
Integration is manifested in the compact relationship between sentences forming paragraphs. Good integration occurs if the interrelationships between sentences are reasonable and easy to understand. There are several ways for paragraphs to have a compact cohesion, namely by using pronouns, conjunctions, as well as details and order of thought.

3. Completeness
A paragraph is complete if it contains enough explanatory sentences to support the main sentence.

Paragraph Function
Functioning to express ideas in written form by providing a form of thoughts and feelings with a series of sentences that are arranged logically in a unity.
Serves to mark the transition of new ideas for essays consisting of several paragraphs, changing paragraphs means changing minds as well.
Serves to facilitate the organization of ideas for those who write and provide easy understanding for readers
Serves to facilitate the development of essay topics into smaller mind units.
Serves to facilitate the control of variables, especially essays consisting of several variables.
Paragraph Feature
The nod / position is rather deep, into five spaces beats for the usual type of essay.
the paragraph uses the main thoughts expressed in the topic sentence
Topic sentences and the rest are developer sentences as explanatory functions, describe or explain the main thoughts contained in the topic sentence.
Paragraphs use explanatory thoughts expressed in explanatory sentences.

Type of Paragraph
1. Paragraph Description
Description paragraph is a paragraph that tells or explains something clearly. The paragraph description can be characterized by characteristics, among others, this paragraph describes an object such as objects, places, or certain atmosphere using the five senses (hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. Things that are described from the object in the form of features physical characteristics and properties of certain objects such as color, size, shape, and personality.In this type of paragraph often found words or phrases that mean circumstances or adjectives.

Example Paragraph Descriptions are as follows:
"The table that my father bought for Ari as a birthday present has arrived. The table is made of teak wood. The table is about 75 cm in width and is about 50 cm wide by 1.5 meters long. This light brown colored table looks very well suited to Ari's slightly dark study room. This table has 2 cabinets, one on the left and the other on the right. With the support of the feet makes this table comfortable to use for learning. "

2. Exposition Paragraph
Exposition paragraphs are paragraphs that describe ways or instructions so that the reader understands the reading clearly. The characteristics of this paragraph are that there is a definition or understanding of the terminology from a topic of discussion. No element of inviting or influencing. In the form of informative paragraphs, meaning that it can provide an information to the reader. Usually this paragraph has clear data details to support the information submitted.