Example Exposition Paragraph

Example Exposition Paragraph
"Organizations need strong cooperation so they can run well. Like a moving car due to car engines and other components that work together. The organization also needs components such as the organization's chairman, deputy chairman, secretary, treasurer, public relations and group members. They are what drives the organization. As in a car if one is not there or damaged, it will hamper the way the car can not even run at all. Likewise with the organization, all parties have certain functions and tasks that will interfere with the organization's operation, if one of them is absent or not working. Even the smallest parts like members are very important positions in the organization. "

Narrative paragraphs
Narrative paragraph is a paragraph that tells an event or event in which there is the subject of the perpetrators of the time as well as the story line. The characteristics of this paragraph are, arranged in chronological order in the form of a forward or reverse flow. Contains events that tell of an action or action. Having the elements of a story such as characters, settings, conflicts and perspectives of the author. In this paragraph, the youngest characteristic is that there are quite a number of direct sentences. And the writing has a creative and aesthetic style so that it can make the reading more interesting.

Example Narrative Paragraph:
"Stevanus was born in Ulm in W├╝rttemberg, Germany; about 100 km east of Stuttgart. His father's name was Stevanus lucas, a fur bed seller who then went on to electrochemical work, and his mother named maria. They married in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. Their family is of Jewish descent; Stevanus was sent to a Catholic school and at the wish of his mother he was taught violin lessons. "

Paragraph Arguments
Argument paragraph is a paragraph expressing an opinion or idea that has a supporting reason. The characteristics of the main sentence in the form of an opinion or idea conveyed by the author. The opinion expressed is usually in the form of something that attracts the reader and creates controversy in the community.
Accompanied by explanatory sentences in the form of strong reasons and supported by facts, examples, statistical data, graphs to further convince the reader. And ends with a logical conclusion and based on the main ideas conveyed at the beginning of the sentence.

Example Argument Paragraph:
"The cost of education in Indonesia is very expensive. Even though the government has provided assistance, students still have to pay some costs for school needs, such as clothes, books, and so on. The high cost of education is not only limited to elementary schools, but up to college. Even the cost of studying on campus is very very expensive because the government does not provide direct assistance to universities. Many children who after graduating from high school prefer to look for a job instead of continuing in college. As a result, education in Indonesia is uneven and concentrated only on people who can afford it. As for those who are less able, higher education is just a wish. "

Persuasion paragraphs
Persuasion paragraphs are paragraphs that contain invitations that have the purpose of making the reader take action. Persuasion paragraphs have strong reasons accompanied by data and facts. This paragraph tries to convince the reader to do or trust what was written by the author. Persuasion paragraphs use a lot of solicitation words like come on, come on and so forth. Usually prioritizes agreement of opinion and avoids conflicts so that the reader's trust is not lost.

Examples of Persuasion Paragraphs:
"Education is the most important thing in life, both formal and informal education. With education we can get and be whatever we want. Education can also lead us to a better life. We can achieve education by studying hard both at school, at home and in other places. If we do not study seriously and actively, of course what we do is only in vain because nothing can be achieved by actions that are not real. As a result we cannot reach the ideals. Therefore, let us study hard and earnestly so that we can achieve our goals. "